7 Keto Mug Cakes Recipes Wonderfully Delicous

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These keto mug cakes are the perfect keto treat. Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Almond Flour… you name it, they’re all here!

Keto mug cakes are a great way to have a keto dessert without spending an hour and using countless ingredients you may have never heard about. These keto mug cake recipes are very easy and super low carb while being very different from one another.

1. Keto Pumpkin Pie Mug Cake

Full recipe here.

This delicious Keto Pumpkin Mug Cake is one of the quickest keto pumpkin desserts you can make. And get this: it only takes one bowl and less than 2 minutes in the microwave until you’ll be indulging in a sweet and spicy pumpkin dessert!

2. Keto Lemon Mug Cake

Full recipe here.

Sugar Free Lemon Mug Cake made low carb, gluten free, and a single serving for perfect portion control!

3. Keto Vanilla Raspberry Mug Cake

Full recipe here.

How to make a quick and easy 1-minute coconut flour keto vanilla berry mug cake – even when you don’t want to cook!

The best part? It’s keto, sugar-free, low-carb and made with coconut flour – this will please even the most ardent cake lover!

4. Peanut Butter & Chocolate Chip Mug Cake

Full recipe here.

Peanut butter mug cake is a fabulous way to start off the new year, especially when it’s sugar free. This delicious low carb mug cake recipe takes only minutes to make, and it’s peanut butter and chocolate. How can you go wrong? Instructional video included.

5. Reese’s Lava Cake

Full recipe here.

This cake is like a massive reeses cup just waiting for you to take a bite. And, since you get to dictate how much peanut butter goes in you can make it exactly like the candy with basically a 4 to 1 ratio of peanut butter to chocolate.

6. Cinnamon Keto Mug Cake

Full recipe here.

This single-serving, low carb cinnamon mug cake is just what you need when you crave something sweet. It takes less than five minutes and you’ll need just a few ingredients. It’s moist and is best served with a dollop of whipped cream, coconut cream or full-fat yogurt. It’s not too sweet so if you prefer your keto mug cakes sweeter, add a few drops of stevia or a little more erythritol.

7. Keto Chocolate Mug Cake + Whipped Cream

Full recipe here.

In under 5 minutes you can have a chocolate cake that’s rich, delicious, and sure to slam those cravings straight into the ground. Cake in a mug! Chocolate cake in a mug, that is. Absolutely divine in taste, just like you spent 45 minutes slaving away baking it in the oven.